We take care of the land, as it is the "home" of our vineyards.

That's the origin of our logo, represented by a set of essential elements: "history," "water," "territory," "nature."

Our passion for the land and our experience in the wine industry gave birth to Redalmo, a young company born from the union of myself and my husband, who have been involved in vineyard work since childhood, alongside our families.

We believe that dedication and the strong vocation of the lands where we cultivate our vineyards are the foundations for achieving high-quality results in our wines. We produce quality wines using traditional techniques of the region and with low environmental impact.

Elisa e Mattia

Our story

Redalmo originates from the merging of two family traditions: Mattia's, who took his first steps in the vineyards thanks to his maternal grandfather and deepened his passion by obtaining a degree in agricultural sciences, and Elisa's, a nature enthusiast who helped her family cultivate vineyards, cherry trees, and olive trees since childhood and dedicated 17 years to working in the wine industry after completing her studies.

Our vineyards span across two territories of great geological, historical, and cultural value: Monteforte D'Alpone in the Val d'Alpone and Lonigo in the Colli Berici. These lands are influenced by a mild climate and low rainfall, and they are a cradle of biodiversity. After years of dedication and sacrifices, Redalmo currently cultivates approximately 11 hectares of vineyards.


Colli Berici

The soils of the vineyards cultivated in the Colli Berici predominantly derive from calcareous marl conglomerates and red clays. The predominantly carbonate origin of the hilly reliefs and the discovery of fossils (mollusks, sea urchins, corals, algae) allow us to attribute a marine origin to these lands; to this day, these fossils can be admired in our vineyards. It is in these lands that our red wines express themselves at their best. This territory preserves its enchanting landscape, rich in biodiversity, consisting of forests, vineyards, cultivated fields, dotted with well-maintained small centers and Palladian villas, twenty-four in total, which, along with the twenty-three palaces of the city of Vicenza, have been part of the UNESCO World Heritage for years.

Val d'Alpone

It is a wide and green valley in the Lessinia region, located in the province of Verona towards the east and bordering the province of Vicenza. It takes its name from the "Alpone" stream and is characterized by extensive vineyards, olive groves, and a significant presence of cherry trees. The entire territory is composed of volcanic formations with typical conical-shaped mountains and columnar basalts found in various locations.

In these lands, specifically in the Brognoligo vineyards in Monteforte d'Alpone, we produce our Garganega IGT, an indigenous grape variety that thrives in the hilly area where all the mineral and basaltic characteristics of the soil are concentrated and enhance the quality of the final product.

The viticultural vocation of this region has ancient origins, stemming from the volcanic nature of the land and a mild and temperate climate. It is considered the area with the highest vineyard density in Italy, with over 95% of the agricultural land dedicated to vine cultivation.

Redalmo Winery's vineyard in Monteforte d'Alpone.

Photo Gallery

In this photo gallery, you can admire some pictures depicting our work in the vineyards and the charm of the landscapes in which they are immersed. For further information about our company and our wines, please don't hesitate to contact us. At the bottom of the gallery, you will find our contact details and a form to fill out with your inquiries.

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