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We take care of our land,
home of our vineyards

This is the reason for the origin of our logo, a “house” represented by the essential elements “history”, “water”, “territory”, “nature”. Love, passion and respect for the area in which we live with our family, where our children grow up, are the reasons that encouraged us to start with this project. Our mission consists in supporting the territory: we believe that the dedication and strong vocation of the lands where we grow the vineyards are the foundations for obtaining qualitative results in our wines. We produce quality wines resulting from conservative techniques of the territory and with low environmental impact.

Elisa e Mattia



Our passion for the land and experience in the wine sector have given life to Redalmo, a young company resulting from the union of Elisa and Mattia, who have experienced working in the vineyards together with their families since they were children.

REDALMO was born precisely from the meeting of these two family traditions.

That of Mattia, who took his first steps in the vineyards thanks to his maternal grandfather, and deepened his passion by graduating in agricultural sciences.

That of Elisa, a nature lover, who since she was a child helped her family in the cultivation of vineyards, cherry trees and olive trees, and who, after completing her studies, dedicated herself to working in the wine sector for 17 years.



Our vineyards extend over two territories of great geological, historical and cultural value: that of Monteforte D’Alpone in the Val d’Alpone and that of Lonigo – Alonte in the Berici Hills.

These lands are influenced by a mild climate with little rainfall, a cradle of biodiversity.

After years of commitment and sacrifices, REDALMO can now count around 11 hectares of vines.

Colli Berici - VICENZA

The soils of the vineyards cultivated on the Berici Hills in the municipalities of Lonigo and Alonte derive mainly from marly limestone conglomerates and red clays.

The predominantly carbonate origins of the hilly reliefs and the discovery of fossils (molluscs, sea urchins, corals, algae) allow us to attribute a marine origin to these lands ; today it is still possible to admire these fossils in our vineyards.

It is in these lands that our Merlot and Marselan grapes express themselves at their best.

This territory preserves its scenic charm rich in biodiversity intact . In this area, in fact, we can find both woods, vineyards and cultivated fields, but also small towns and twenty-four Palladian villas, which have been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site for years.

Val D'Alpone - VERONA

It is a wide and green valley in the heart of Lessinia, in the eastern area of the province of Verona.

It takes its name from the “Alpone” stream and is characterized by large expanses of vineyards, olive trees and a notable presence of cherry trees.

The whole territory is made up of volcanic formations with typical conical-shaped mountains, and columnar basalts found in various places.

In these lands, in the vineyards of Brognoligo di Monteforte D’alpone, we produce our Garganega Igt , an indigenous vine that grows in the hilly area. Here, all the mineral and basaltic characteristics of the soil are concentrated and enhance the quality of the final product.

The wine-growing vocation of this town boasts very ancient origins, thanks to the volcanic nature of the soil and the mild climate. It is in fact considered the country with the highest viticultural density in Italy with over 95% of the agricultural surface cultivated with vineyards.

Our Wines

Our Wines

Garganega Verona IGT - vino di Redalmo azienda vitivinicola

Garganega Verona IGT

Garganega is an indigenous vine grown in the “classic” Soave production area, in soil of volcanic origin . Precisely from this vine comes the name Garganega IGT Verona, a bright straw yellow wine, which on the nose presents delicate fruity hints, from which fresh mineral notes are enhanced.

Harmonious, savory, mineral, very elegant and pleasant, it is characterized by an acidity and a note of bitter almond typical of the vine from which it originates.

Aging: steel tanks for approximately 6-8 months.

Pairing: excellent as an aperitif, fish-based first courses, creamed cod.

Sauvignon Veneto IGT

Sauvignon Veneto IGT is a refined and elegant wine, which is born in a hilly area in a soil of calcareous, clayey origin.

With a fresh, floral and citrus profile. Marked exotic notes and balsamic hints, characterized by the presence of clay in the soil, give the wine a good structure. This favors aging with interesting evolutions of the bouquet towards the typical slightly smoky notes.

By the glass presents a straw yellow color. In the mouth they enhance the sensations of freshness and citrus notes with a savory and mineral finish.

Aging: steel tanks for approximately 6-8 months.

Pairing: Fish dishes, especially raw and molluscs, crustaceans and tuna carpaccio. Ideal to accompany spicy dishes, mature and goat cheeses. Also good to pair with white meats, soups, legumes, grilled vegetables and risottos.

Sauvignon Veneto IGT - vino di Redalmo azienda vitivinicola
Rosso Veneto IGT - vino di Redalmo azienda vitivinicola

Rosso Veneto IGT - from Marselan grapes

Our experimentation, our originality, Marselan. A French black grape variety, a cross between Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon almost unknown in Italy. Cultivated in a hilly area, in soil of marine, limestone and clay origin.

Purple red with violet reflections. Green notes of pepper, blackcurrant and cherries are typical aromas, well present in the glass. Fine tannin, accompanied by good freshness, makes it very pleasant to drink. Worth trying even with a few years under your belt.

Aging: steel tanks for approximately 6-8 months.

Pairing: excellent with sopressa, local raw ham, risotto with pumpkin and/or radicchio. Also good with red meats, roasts and medium-aged cheeses such as Asiago and Monte Veronese.

Merlot Veneto IGT

Our Merlot Veneto IGT is born on soils of marine, limestone and red clay origin.

It has an intense ruby ​​red color with violet reflections. On the nose there are clear aromas of undergrowth, red berries, from black cherries to plums, from currants to blueberries; soft tannins and aftertaste of cocoa and black pepper.

Refinement: 12 months in French oak barriques and subsequent refinement in bottle.

Pairing: Ideal with meat fillet, game and mature cheeses.

Merlot Veneto IGT - vino di Redalmo azienda vitivinicola

Our Wines

Our Wines

“Wine is the poetry of the earth. Doing it is an art, talking about it is culture, drinking it is the joy of living and sharing.”

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